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Why Use Colored Concrete?

Colored concrete can be considered one of the most successful ways to improve the outward show of a project. Landscape architects, property owners, and landscape designers are constantly watchful for new and inventive methods to improve the appearance of properties and developments at a reasonable cost. These objectives can be meet with decorative colored concrete.


Concrete Colors of Texas is a company that specializes in color additives, overlays and sealers. Any thing that can be made with concrete can be colored. There are a variety of ways to enhance concrete projects with beautiful colors. Color schemes are often chosen to blend with each other and blend with nature.


Concrete can be scored with tooling joints or saw cutting patterns and stained with Alkali Reactive Chemical Stains. It can also be improved with Dry Shake Color Hardener, Intergral Colors, or Stampable Overlays along with a variety of stamping patterns such as textures to simulate brick, flagstone, pavers, or tile.


Many of the above listed techniques can be used in combination. On large areas of concrete, different sections of the concrete can be stamped or scored and stained to visually break up the areas. Lastly, multiple colors side by side can be used to create outstanding effects.

It is often necessary to have the permanency and the durability of concrete. Where plain concretes gray color draws attention to areas such as pool decks, patios, entrances, driveways and porches; colored concrete can be used to avoid notice and help its features blend with the other natural landscape elements.

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